It seems like a lot lately, when people find out I’m new to Raleigh, I’m asked, “So do you miss home a lot?” Um, well, no. Raleigh is my home now. :)

Losing my job at Independence Air was awful. I mean, truly awful. I loved that job. I loved the culture, I loved the people, & I loved the travel. It was such a sad day to welcome in that last flight pulling into Dulles, but I was so happy to be a part of it. As much as Flyi going under broke my heart, I think ultimately it might have been the best thing to happen to me in a while.

When we moved back to Virginia from Austin, I dreaded it. I mean, I was excited to be near my old Virginia friends again, but I had grown to love Austin and all of it’s charm. The rat-race and DC lifestyle horrified me and I wanted nothing more than to rebel and not move. I did move though…and I ended up finding temporary happiness at Tia’s in Fairfax…my job was one thing, my location was another. I still wasn’t happy. Of course we all know Tia’s went down, which is how I ended up at Flyi, and we know how that one ends…

What I’m trying to get it is that after losing two jobs in one year sucked. I had a hard time finding a job after Flyi and my apartment lease was on the verge of expiring. With all of the factors in the equation, I took it as a sign. I took it as my “chance.” I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t employed, and pretty soon I would be homeless.

I made up my mind to move to North Carolina to do something for me. This was really and truly the first move I made for myself. Sure, I’ve moved a lot, but it was always moving with my family, and normally fighting the move and hating it until we were on the verge of moving again.

Raleigh is mine. And by mine, I mean it was my decision. I chose to move for myself and nobody else. It was totally selfish and I would do it all over again if I had to. Being here and not really knowing anyone has been quite an experience. Getting to know a new city is a difficult task. Getting to know a new city by yourself is a different story. But it’s fun, and I’m happy.

I like that Raleigh offers a slower pace. It’s a moderate size town with sweet, southern people. In a few ways it reminds me of Austin, minus the fact that it’s apparently 1/2 the size. The people open and hold doors open, they say “yes sir” and “no m’am,” people don’t try to wreck you on the highway, traffic is almost non existent, it’s warm, the beach is close by, and it’s home. :)


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