Jumping Ship

So I have to say that I’m pretty upset. Nothing for you to be concerned about, I’m just in my own private Nascar hell.

Elliott Sadler is leaving Robert Yates Racing. Evidentely he thinks that there are better opportunities at Evernham Racing. Whatever. I am all about being proactive in your career, but I just have trouble understanding how there isn’t potential at a historic race team such as RYR. I can’t think of a single race team who hasn’t struggled, so I just have a hard time really “getting it.” Then again, I’m not a racecar driver and I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes.

I can hope for a Jeff Burton like turnaround though. Evernham has seen a lot of success with Jeremy Mayfield the first season with the “Chase for the Nextel Cup,” and of course, more recently, Kasey Kahne. The funny thing to me is that I’m a big Kasey Kahne fan, and he’s 2nd behind Elliott in the list of drivers I root for…so why am I not excited about this at all?

…i liked the elliott/dj combo. i guess i should be over that as dj announced he was leaving a few months ago.

…i love the m&m’s car. it was the most creative and fun car in the series. he’s not taking the sponsor when he goes to evernham.

…i have to start over with an entierely new collection of memorobilia. and boring at that. dodge sponsors? ugh.

…i’ve gotten used to the number 38. i love it. i don’t want to learn to like the number 19.

I guess I don’t have a choice but to get over it. There are certainly positives. Maybe he will be more successful @ Evernham, my two favorite drivers will now be teammates, and now maybe
Elliott can stop making those stupid Tylenol Rapid Relief commercials.

As much as I’m confused, I’m going to continue to be an Elliott Sadler fan. I don’t want to be one of those fans who stops liking a driver because they switch car manufacturers or teams. I like Elliott because of who he seems to be. From Virginia, a Carolina fan, a goofball & liked by other drivers. I’ll stick with him, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this will be his last transition…
Viva la dodge.


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