Siblings? What siblings?

I’ve been an only child for 26 years, and I’ve never really had a big desire or yearning for siblings. Until randomly today, I really, really wished I had a brother or sister who I’d known my whole life. Someone who I fought with when I was 4, who beat me up when I was 8, who scared the boys or helped me put on makeup when I was 15…someone to have experienced my life with…

It’s very bizarre to me that this is the first time I’ve ever really experienced this. I mean, sure. Growing up I’d have these 30 seconds of “I wonder what it’d be like to have a sibling” and then I’d go back to me and thinking how much having a brother or sister would interfere with my life, what I wanted and my own selfishness.

When I look at large families with the joking, the insults, the memories, I have to say I’m slightly jealous. But for what? I have family…and my friends make up for the siblings part.

Sometimes it’s just a struggle to only have those memories to yourself, and nobody who grew up with you to remember them with.

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