I was talking to a friend yesterday and it was the first time we’ve talked in a few months. He recently had a birthday, and he turned 24. We were talking and catching up and he asked me how Raleigh and my life were. I launched into the boring story of my life, and he asked if I was seeing anyone. I answered quickly, that no, I definitely am not seeing anyone. Then he told me about a girl he’s been seeing for a few months. Somehow the topic of marriage came up, and I laughed that I absolutely was in no rush whatsoever to find “the one” and settle down and get married. He then said to me, that after turning 24 on Saturday, he felt like he had to hurry up, find the one, and settle down. This prompted a thought in me.

Do we have expiration dates?

Why is our generation in this rush to get married and feel like we won’t be whole and complete until we find “the one” and have the 50k wedding? Will I be a failure if I don’t get married by that magic age of 30? God forbid 35? The only thing that scares me about not getting married is the looks of pitty from the marrieds with kids and the “so…how’s your love life” conversations that will inevitably happen.

I don’t know – it’s just my perspective, and maybe it’s all subjective. Certainly what is right for me isn’t right for everyone, I just worry sometimes that our culture is too concerned about marriage equaling success or completion.

So here’s something to ponder: Is there an age when we’re deemed no longer marriage material? Does marriage truly equal success, and if we don’t get married, are we total failures?

Where is the compromise?


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