Why am I so sensitive to my friends not being in touch? Should it bother me as much as it has been? This happens every time I move…the people I left behind seem to continue on with their world and barely keep in touch. It’s just really frustrating…with e-mail, IM and myspace, you’d think that these people wouldn’t have so much trouble just saying hi. Ughhhh…i duno. Maybe I’m just being sensitive.

I have the desire to get into photography as a hobby. I really need to invest in a good camera…there is something about photographs that are taken with a great camera rather than a run of the mill digital camera…

I haven’t watched tv in what seems like ages, and apparently there is a new show called “tiara girls” on mtv…and i’m officially addicted. i watched an episode earlier about these girls from somewhere in louisiana and they had the weirdest accents ever…something southern, plus australian, plus something else….i duno, it was really, really weird. The entire show and the concept behind it is weird in general…pagents scare me actually.

I’m excited for this weekend, and my reasoning is truly pathetic. The race is at Talladega on Sunday, and Grey’s Anatomy is new. Sigh. I love it!

Anyway, that’s all for now…


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