Rah Leeeeeeeeeee

I’m here. I did it. Can you believe it? Me either!!

Things have settled in pretty well I must say. Well, minus the whole spilling two gallons of paint in my foyer incident. And I still need a few furniture pieces to complete the house — coffee table, dresser, dining room table & guest bed. But otherwise, it’s looking fabulous!!! I’ve spent the last week unpacking, organizing and figuring out what goes where. I’ve also started exercising again thanks to beautiful Lake Lynn being a half a mile from my house. Raleigh has tons of walking trails and I just happen to live close to a bunch of them.

I was walking around the lake last evening when I came across the most bizarre looking bird. After seeing these bizarre “ducks” last night, I became obsessed with finding out what on earth they are. To me it looked like a rooster and a duck did it. I went back today to walk, but I brought my camera with me this time.

Image hosting by Photobucket

I sent the creature to my family here in NC to see if they knew what it was and finally my cousin wrote me back. They’re called Muscovie ducks. I immedietely went to google.

“Originating from Brazil, Muscovies are the only domestic ducks that is not derived from mallard stock. Wild muscovies coloration is black and white, but domestication has produced many different colors. These colors are; blue, blue and white, chocolate, chocolate and white, white, black, black and white, lavender, and calical. The males can grow to be quite large, weighing 10-15 lbs. Most of the females are 5-7 pounds but can reach up to 9 and sometimes 10 lbs. Their feet are equipt with strong sharp claws for grabbing tree branches and roosting. Muscovys are unique because of their bright red crest around their eyes and above the beak. They do not swim much because their oil glands are under developed compared to most ducks. Muscovy hens can set three times a year, and the egg clutches can vary from 8 to 21 eggs. The egg are incubated for 35 days.”

I know. You’re thinking my fascination with this bird species is bizarre – but I was weirded out and needed to know what I was hanging out with everyday. Plus, today I befriended one and I named him Charles.

Anyway. Back to reality.

Life in Raleigh really starts for me on Monday when I start my job. Well, I’m supposed to start it. I was supposed to have started it this past Monday, but there has been a delay, so now I’m supposidely starting on Monday. Here’s to hoping!

My Mom called me today asking what my plans were for the weekend and I sarcastically asked “why, are y’all coming to visit?” Turns out – they are!! I’m so excited!

If you want to check out pix of the place, go to:
username: nataliegracie@cox.net
pw: natrules.



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