Back from TN

I spent last night and most of today driving to Tennessee with Jamie. She’s driving her truck back to Texas to sell back to her Mom, and needed some company for the majority of the trip. We roadtripped it thru Tennessee, stopping in Thunder Valley last night to get some sleep. Thunder Valley is a nickname for Bristol, TN, which is one of the most famous destinations on the NASCAR circuit. It was fun to stop in for a hot second. :) James dropped me off in Nashville this afternoon, and I caught a flight back to Dulles and got home just in time to watch the Charlotte race tonight.

Let me explain one thing. I love NASCAR. I really do. But, the race tonight is being held at Charlotte, and it’s the first race they’ve held there since they repaved the track earlier this year. The repaving did NOTHING except RUIN the race. The track is eating the tires, and is causing wreck after wreck after wreck because tires are blowing. Drivers are wrecking at no fault of their own and it’s been frustrating to watch. It’s not even like watching a race…it’s like watching them just hold on for dear life in HOPES that their set of tires doesn’t blow…Here’s all I’ve got to say…

Dear Nascar,
Maybe you should regulate track resurfacing before you hold races. This might prevent good drivers, like Elliott Sadler, Michael Waltrip, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Dale Jarrett, Jamie McMurray, & Sterling Marlin from wrecking because of track issues, not driver issues. It also might make for an actual race, not a demolition derby…

I’ve got a few more busy weekends ahead of me. Next weekend I head back to Carolina to take in the UNC v. UVA football game, then I’m home for a weekend, then Vegas bound. I’m going to take a weekend trip to Chicago the first weekend in December with Jamie, Lindsey, Shannon & Stacy, so that should be a good way to kick off the holidays with my friends…

Anyway, just wanted to update quickly….but I am le tired, so I must get some sleep.


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