Fire me

I should so be fired from this whole blogging thing. I have gotten horribly lazy about updating lately…Many appologies.

I’m absolutely loving my job with Independence Air. The stuff I’m doing is very interesting, and it’s not too mundane. Something new happens everyday, and I’m loving it. I actually flew to Connecticut for the night last weekend just because I could. It was fun to go for the night, hang out with Bianca, and then just come home on Saturday. This weekend I’m home because Dennis in town, but next weekend I’m heading to Charleston, SC for Labor Day.

So. Elliott Sadler is having the worst luck ever. After consistently being in the top 10 in points for the majority of the season, he’s slipped to 13th place after the last 5-6 races. He had a few DNF’s and just really shitty luck. Tonight I thought he was going to be a real contendor for the race @ Bristol…he started 9th, ran in the top 5, led some laps, and then with about 30 to go, he started to get a flat tire. He went from 2nd to finishing 13th. Had he finished 2nd, he would have moved up to 10th place in the Chase for the Championship, but he’s still in 13th overall. There are only 2 races left before the cutoff to make the Chase, so he has to be in 10th by then. The good thing about it, is that the next two tracks he’s pretty good at. Next week is California, where he won last year, and the final race is in Richmond which he usually runs pretty well at. Sigh…

School started on Monday. I’m taking Bio and I think I’m going to like my teacher. She’s pretty rad, so that’s good. :)

We may be going to the Nats game tomorrow – not sure though, it’s supposed to rain. Bleh.

Anyway, I’m exhausted. Again, sorry for the lack of updates!


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