Long time

Sorry for being MIA. My internet went down for almost two weeks, so I’ve been limited on my access. Miss me much? I missed you!

So. I got the job @ Independence Air! I’m working in the employee services office doing Human Resources stuff. I’ve been working for a week, and so far I’m really happy. I like having a steady job with steady hours, and I’m loving having weekends off.

I took advantage of being able to travel free by flying to Jacksonville, Florida with Kara this weekend. We had a blast and it was amazing to just be able to pick up and go on a moments notice!

Last weekend was New Jersey, Florida this weekend, and now I’ll get about two weeks at home, then off to Connecticut for Labor Day. Dennis is visting in about a week and a half, so that will be super fun also.

Watkins Glen was the race today. I’m not a big fan of the road races, but it was entertaining. Elliott initially qualified 39th, but because rain washed out the rest of qualifying, they started by their points position, so he ended up in 12th. But…he changed an engine, so he had to start from the back anyway. Whatever, he finished 12th overall, and moved up to 11th in the points. Only 4 more races until the Chase for the Championship begins, so here’s to hoping he runs well and gets into contention for the Championship.

Ugh. These gas prices totally need to stop. I can NOT afford $50+ a week to fill up my truck!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I’m exhausted from Florida, and now it’s time for my Sunday night shows, Six Feet Under (next week is the last show ever!) and Entourage.

Hope you’re all doing well!!!


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