Cape May

So we made it to Jersey,and I’m so glad I ended up coming this weekend. We got in around 10 last night, had some cocktails and jumped into the pool. Went to bed around 2am, and got up at 8. Had some breakfast, then spent the afternoon poolside. I got some sun, yay! Around 5 we went to the family restaurant, “mangia mangia” which I’d heard about for about twenty years. Oh man was the food delicious! After that, we headed up to Atlantic City to do some shopping at the outlets, and then we hit the casino’s for an hour or so and I proceeded to lose $40. After visiting AC, I have to say I’m more a Vegas fan, but whatevs.

Tomorrow I’m spending the day by the pool, and I’m driving back to DC around 6. New job starts on Monday!

Elliott is starting on the pole tomorrow and I’m so excited. Hopefully I’ll get to see the majority of the race from NJ before I head home. He NEEDS a strong win tomorrow.

I’ll have pix posted on Sunday hopefully.

Peace out!

* I just found out that the russian sub that has been stuck on the ocean floor for 3 days was just successfully raised to the surface. And – all seven crewman are alive! After the Kursk disaster a few years ago, I’m so happy to hear that this rescue was a success. Thank goodness they’re all okay.


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