Good girls and Bad boys

So I’ve always heard of girls going for the “bad boys” and I never really bought into it until I met Mr. Right now. Although my summer fling with him is all but over, It’s brought me to thinking I was attracted to a “bad boy” without really even realizing it. How could I have been so blind! The tattoos, piercings, the motorcycle. I guess somewhere in me I knew he was a rebel, but it wasn’t really until recently, when things began to cool off, that I realized I had successfully completed my first fling with a real life “bad boy.” Haha. Go me!

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I did some research on the whole “good girls liking bad boys” thing, and I found an interesting article that had this to say:

Part of us actually like to believe we can be the one girl to turn this wild man into a pussycat. Part of us just like that down-to-our-toes thrill, the excitement of something we KNOW is bad for us. (Like chocolate cheesecake, and Jimmy Choo shoes.) Some of us are just gluttons for misery.

Most women actually grow out of the bad-boy phase once we hit our mid-twenties. Our girlfriends start to couple off, and we start wondering if we used up our nice guy quota in college when were still torturing men for sport. That’s where you come in, Mr. Sweet Guy. Because you’re the guy we really want.

Now, i know that I did not fall into the category of wanting to turn a wild man into a pussycat…but, I did fall into the thrills and excitement category like you wouldn’t believe. Unfortunately, I also fall into the whole growing out of the bad boy phase as quickly as I fell into lusting after the bad boy. Ahh well, at least I had the experience.

Now. Where’s my Mr. Sweet Guy?

ps: go see Wedding Crashers, it’s effing hilarious!!!

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