A little bit of Kelly?

So. Being a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson, I was totally jealous when Jamie told me that her friend somehow got tickets FROM kelly to go see her show in Virginia beach. They all went to High School and graduated with her back in Texas, so there’s a connection there. I joked with Jamie that she had to get an autograph from Kelly to me signed “To Natalie, Love your BFF, Kelly.” haha. I LOVE HER!! Imagine my excitement for Jamie when she e-mailed me this!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Apparently Kelly got Jamie’s e-mail and said she’d hook her up for tickets to her next show in DC! Here’s to hoping I can talk my way into going with Jamie!!!

Okay, so I’m so over this heatwave thing we have going on right now. The heat index was at 115 degrees today with the humidity. If I wanted to live in Africa, I would do so…but, I live in Virginia so this desert like heat needs to STOP!!!

I talked to Bianca tonight and told her about the D-Train coming to visit at the end of August! She got totally excited and said she might try to come visit as well. Holy reunion!! Well, minus Jorge who’s totally being a rad soldier in Kosovo at the moment!

Tomorrow I’m going to see “Wedding Crashers.” I hear it’s effing hysterical so I’m looking forward to it like whoa.

The space shuttle blasted off today — whoo hoo! So far the mission is a success. I’m just glad to see us progressing with the space program, especially after what happened to the Columbia. Yay!!

I found this picture today of Elliott and Dale, jr. Whatever was said must have been pretty damn funny. Haha. I love that Elliott is growing his hair out shaggy again. He must have something against cutting his hair midway thru the season because he did this last year too. Maybe he’s superstitious and thinks if he doesn’t get a haircut he’ll have good luck. Whatev, I like it like that.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I’m exhausted and totally over today. Peace out!


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