Viva La Lance

Lance won his 7th Tour de France today. And, he’s retiring. Go you Lance!

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I checked up on John Mayer today and he says “hi.”

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Apparently he’s in the studio working on a new album titled “Continum.” Can’t wait for that one.

Oh my god, are you kidding, 50 cent is making a movie!?!?!? Excuse me while I go barf.

The race was uneventful for Elliott today. I guess the best part was that he didn’t lose any spots in the points, but he didn’t gain either. I’m just glad he finished the race today.

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Kurt Busch won – whatever. I think I’m starting to actually kind of like Kurt a little. He seems to be moving past his jackass phase and becoming a better and more polite driver. I like that…We’ll see how long it lasts though. :)

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Danica Patrick, the girl who’s getting tons of attention in the Indy Racing Series, wrecked today in a race. I think she’s getting more attention for not finishing the race then the race winner. Sucks for him!

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This weekend was super relaxing…just what I needed. Kara and I played lots of tennis, and I got a lot of sleep. Whoo hoo!

Dennis bought his plane ticket to come visit! I can’t wait — 5 days of super fun to be had.

I’m out!

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