more dreams

It’s weird to me that in the last week, I’ve remembered nearly every dream I’ve had. I NEVER remember dreams!! It’s fun actually that I’m remembering. Last night I dreamt that I travelled to Hawaii. I can’t remember many details, just that the plane was really old and we were nervous to fly, but we made it safely. I had to find out what dreams about travelling meant, so I went to to find out.

To dream that you are traveling, signifies the journey toward your life goals and a journey through life in general. that you enjoy what you do and find much pleasure in it.

Quite true I must say. I’ve been working out lately, and yesterday I went to Weggmans and bought tons of super healthy food. Maybe the travelling dream signifies my goal to get in shape!

I’ve been listening to a band that I discovered while living in Austin. The band is called Puckett, and the song I can’t stop listening to is a song called “Feel Better.” I’ve been googling them, but I can’t find any recent info about them…I hope they didn’t break up!


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