These Dreams

Last night I had a really bizarre dream. I dreamt that a few of the guys I hang out with frequently, were plotting to kill me! I wasn’t chased with a knife, or shot at with a gun or anything, it was more just a random thing. From what I can remember, there were tons of people around, and they had told me to go to an upstairs room…but while I was up there, nobody ever came to get me, and eventually word got out that they didn’t want me around anymore, and the cops showed up. It was really, really, really weird. So weird in fact that I googled dream meanings — here are the results:

Death images in a dream are very symbolic and have many levels of potential interpretations. I will list the eight key meanings below.

Note: Death/Killing – if it is the dreamer that is dying, it never has any connection to a real impending physical death. It is a reference to the need to change one’s path in life and allow old attitudes to die. Death usually means that a radical change is necessary.
Eight basic levels in this symbol.

1. An indication that a necessary end has come to a certain phase. A transition to something new.
There are lots of ends…and lots of something new’s coming up for me. This is so very true!
2. The desire to shed something (attitudes, behaviours, situations etc.)
Could this be a sign that what I’m doing with casual boy is wrong?
3. A suggestion to come to terms with death and the fear of death, meaning a search for fulfillment and productivity.
4. A limit has been reached and there is an inability to know how to go beyond that limit.
Again, could the capacity of fun that casual boy and I have, have reached it’s limit?
5. A suggestion to take better care of one’s health.
This could be so very true.
6. Something is dying inside.
7. A close connection with somebody deceased.
8. A desire for peace, solitude, and harmony (the death of fear). According to Jung, dreaming about death means letting go of something that has died; it is a symbol of transformation and a new beginning.

I haven’t remembered a dream I’ve had in ages – what a way to wake up this morning.


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