I’m a little bit country…

Hanging with these country boys has been a crapload of fun lately. It gives a whole new spin on life…especially in these parts. The weekly bowling and batting cage outings are so fun…I duno what I’m gonna do when they all go back to Newport News. Kara and I will be very sad girls. They’re so country that on Thursday we’re going to the shooting range to shoot guns! Haha…well, they are. I’m not so sure I’m brave enough to fire a weapon. Those damn things scare me! Should make for an interesting evening though. Tonight we went to Doggie Happy Hour down in Alexandria…that was a riot. We took Harley and Magnum, and this asshole guy started telling Kara that her dog was on the wrong leash. Kara wasn’t feeling so friendly and told the guy off….oooh yes, confrontation rules!

I’m holding out on getting a job. Come Thursday I’ll go apply somewhere, then hopefully I can start once I get back from Daytona on Tuesday. Damn Tia’s — why’d they have to go and ruin my schedule? What an inconvenience.

I get to dog sit Harley tomorrow. I’m super excited. I want a dog so bad, and doggie sitting gets me my fix long enough to not go get one. Toooooo much responsibility for me at this point. Although, hanging out with him has been a magnet for the boys…

Off to bed…I’ve got a big day of nothin and dog sitting tomorrow. Hahaha.

…Don’t be jealous!


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