Living Wills….

With all of the Terri Schiavo stuff happening, I just wanted to say something. To me, it’s all about perspective. It seems as though people feel very strongly whichever side they’re on. I feel very strongly that when Terri had her heart attack, she was gone. After reading a lot of info about her story, physicans have said that after 3 months of no brain activity, there is zero percent chance of recovery. That to me says that although she was breathing, “terri” was no longer there. Obviously I can only imagine what it was like for her family to live as they did for 15 years, but I personally, would never want my family to experience what the Schindler’s did. I would much rather have the “cord pulled,” then to be a non reactive vegetable, giving out false hope to a distraught family.

Yes, I grieve for Michael Schiavo as well as the Schindlers, but I also hope in my heart that Terri Schiavo would not want to live like that. I can only imagine that she is in a better place at this point, wherever that may be.


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