sick again

i’m sick again. i’ve never been sick so many times in such a short period of time in my life. ahhhhhhhhh. this time i have a nasty cold/flu. sick of it!

i came home last night to discover that aol had totally deleted my misssfacetious account. i had to set up a new screename this morning…slightly annoying. new name is: le natalie38.

my mom called tonight with news that she had taken reeces to the cardiologist. turns out she has hardening in the lower, right chamber of her heart. we’ve known this, but he was brutally honest about how serious it is. he said she won’t live the typical long age of a cat, but doesn’t have a timeline of how her life might be. it’s depressing….i think cause she’s so social, hyper and active, we tend to forget that she’s so sick. she sure doesn’t act like it. anyway, she’s adorable….

i’m getting back in bed. night.


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