slowing down

I’ve slowed down a lot on things going on lately. I haven’t been out partying nearly as much, with the exception of the regular monday nights @ changs. School is slowing down, and in fact, I’m taking my last test of the semester tomorrow. I’ll have a month off before the 14 credit semester begins on my 25th birthday. I’m also not travelling as much….this summer was a crazy ride, and as much as I’ve had fun, I’m thankful to slow it up a bit.

I’m trying so hard to save money and pay off my credit cards, but it’s so hard because with it getting colder, business has really sucked at Tia’s lately. I long for the long summers where we wouldn’t leave until 2am and $200 bucks in our pockets. I honestly have no idea where all the money I made this summer went. I know one thing, it didn’t go to my debt. Bleh. I have gotten a few more bar shifts lately, so that’s good….hopefully I’ll get more so I can make more money.

Anyway, that’s all that’s happening. I’m so excited about Philadelphia for my birthday, but talking to Dennis and Bianca lately, I’ll be surprised if they actually end up making it. I’m actually really dissapointed in the way things have kind of turned out, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that they can come.

I need to go to bed. Night.


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