C’est La Vie

I’m going to Connecticut tomorrow. A well needed break from this place. I’ve had so much fun lately, but I need a break…

I’ve been drinking A LOT lately, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s been fun, but I’ve basically just thrown my money down the toilet. What do I have to show for all the drunken nights except maybe 200 pictures? Hmmm, the pictures are quite funny though. Amy Jo, Jake and I started going to PF Changs every Monday about a month ago, so that’s something that isn’t going to change. But, once I get back from CT, I may slow down on the going out so much only because it’s driving me broke.

Anyway, I’m very, very excited to go to CT tomorrow. We’re going to drive to Boston (1.5 hour drive) on Friday, and then we’re taking the train into NYC on Saturday. We’ll have practically all day Sunday to spend in CT since my flight isn’t until 6:30pm.

Carolina officially starts playing ball tomorrow. Their first MAJOR game is on Dec 1 against Kentucky. Should be excellent. I can’t wait to get into the season.

Anyway, I wanted to update cause it’s been forever. Night.


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