Today I archived two months of old journal entries from oct/nov of 2002. I am still in the process of moving old entries from 2001-2002 to this journal…it’s just a slow process. But anyway, at least those are done.
I’m troubled by the Nick situation of late. I don’t know what his deal is, but my patience is wearing very thin. I don’t feel as though this is how a friendship goes. This crap seems to happen every few months – how much am I expected to put up with? He’s making this decision on his own, and it’s breaking my heart. Ultimately, it will be his loss.
Sadler finished 4th in the race today, moving him from 8th in the overall championship to 4th. This means he’s in serious contention to win the ultimate championship. Holy crap!
Tomorrow’s a holiday, and I have to work during lunch…now I must sleep.


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