CT bound

I bought my plane ticket for Connecticut today! I’m so excited…I just wish the James could go with me. Anyway, I’m scheduled to go Nov 11- 14th and I’m totally stoked. B is talking about going up to Boston for the day cause it’s only an hour’s drive…and I really want to go to NYC for the day also…it’s only 2 hours. Anyway, I’m so so so excited…I haven’t seen Bianca since May when I visited Austin last, and it will be the first time I’ve seen her since we’ve both been east coasters. :)
Tonight I didn’t do anything. I hung out and cleaned my room. I got everything put away from the Bahamas trip and my extended stay @ my parents house. Feels good to have a clean and somewhat organized room.
Red River Shootout is this weekend. James, Shan and I are going to some bar in Balston to watch it. Go Horns!!!
After the next 2 weekends, I’m going to be insainely busy.

10/24 – Subway 500 in martinsville

10/30 – Pat Green in Norfolk

11/06 – Wizards v. Heat @ MCI Center ( Home Opener!)

11/11-11/14 – Connecticut/Boston/NYC

Then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years, then I turn 25. JESUS, time will NOT stop flying!

I bought the movie Saved! tonight, and laughed my ass off. I heart it.
Mom and i went to the bookstore today and I got new books finally. I hate not having anything to read. I got the new shopaholic book, Shopaholic and Sister, I got Steve Martins new book, the pleasure of my company, and I also got Aron Rallstons book, between a rock and a hardplace, which is about the guy who got stuck in that canyon in Utah and had to amputate his own arm. It’s always nice to have new stuff to read.
I’m going to bed. Night.

* time is ticking…i’m still waiting tedesco….


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