Three years. I can’t believe it’s been three years. It sounds so cliche, but it truly does feel like yesterday. I can feel that moment. It’s etched in my soul. As each 11th of September passes, I find myself reflecting on how lucky I am to be American. To be a part of this incredible nation, with the most powerful and wonderful leader on the planet is truly a blessing. To know that I’m part of a nation where men and women voluntarily go to war, and put their lives on the line for me and my future, well, that’s indescribable.

I’ve said it for three years now. To those of you in my life, I love you and I’m grateful to know you. Everyone I know has made some kind of effect on my life, and made me into who I am at present. I know I’ll lose people, and I’ll meet new people and I’m sure I’ll change as a person as people fade in and out of my life. It’s amazing what kind of effect the human race has on one another.

Three years still isn’t long enough to recover. It feels like the dust is still settling.

Do something today that makes you feel alive. Smile because you can. Walk because you can. Tell someone you love them because you can. I know I will – in the memory of three men. For Gen. Timothy Maude, Lt. Col. Kip Taylor, and Lt. Col.(r) Karl Teepe. Because they can’t.

:: R I P ::

Gen. Timothy Maude

Lt. Col. Kip Taylor

Lt. Col.(r) Karl Teepe


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