Frances is a dirty, dirty whore.

I woke up to rain. I walked in rain. I drove in rain. Enough with the rain.

Hurricaine Frances made her way up the east coast today, successfully pounding NoVa with enough rain to last a year. Fran even produced some lovely tornados. JoJo and I were in deutsch class and the provost came in at 2:40 saying a tornado had touched down only two miles away and that we were to remain in the classroom until after 3pm. Ugh. My teacher decided that she would just continue teaching until the “all clear” was given. Damn you Fran!

My Mom made me a beaded bracelet that says “Gracie.” I love it.

Today I bought the best smelling body wash ever. It’s called “Vanilla – Brown Sugar.” Mmmmmmmmm.

I need a break from my life. I really do. That sounds so stupid, but I need to go somewhere, relax, have no responsibility, and have fun. Bahamas in 2 weeks, but I feel the need to go out and be stupid with my friends. I’m still dying to meet Bianca in Philly with James and whoever else wants to go. If y’all are reading this – start planning. :)

Days are going by so slow…I want it to be autumn. I want the holidays…I don’t really want my birthday though. Twenty Five is the dirtiest word I’ve ever heard.

I’m tired.

Guten Nacht.


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