Summer’s over

I kind of feel like my summer came to an end last weekend at the John Mayer show. It was just such a great ending to a busy summer… Now that school has started, it just feels like autumn is coming quicker then I’m ready for.

Only a week into classes, I’m already semi-stressing. Going to just 2 Anatomy classes, I’m realizing that this class is going to take a LOT of effort. Not only in studying, but making myself get up at 6am on Tuesdays to go to lab…Also, German ain’t goin to be no easy class either. I’m modivated though – I WANT to do well. I actually convinced Amy Jo to take Deutsch with me…I’m so proud of her that she registered! :)

Today was my Mom’s birthday party at my Aunt’s house. We did a luau theme and it was really cute. I bought her a GameCube and the newest Zelda game…she’s taking some time off from work for some vacation, so I figure this is something she can do during her down time. She opened it and was esctatic…She loves Zelda and the fact that I bought her the gaming system just shocked her. It was great to see her smiling, and genuinely happy.
I left the birthday celebration before dinner started because I was so exhausted from this week. I’ve worked every single day for 5 days straight, plus school, so I’ve not gotten much sleep…I spent tonight finally relaxing on the couch and watched the Bristol race. Sadler finished 5th which is decent.

I heard from Eric today. He’s in Maryland now. I’d really like to see him, but it may be a few weeks just with everything I’ve got on my plate right now. The parents and I are going to North Carolina next weekend for 3 days – that should be fun.

My Mom said today that she wanted to start a few, fun chapter in her life, and as a result she wanted to get a tattoo, and asked me to get one with her. I just about flipped out because when I mentioned getting a Texas star the size of a quarter, she freaked out. Now she was like, it’s no big deal….Anyway – we made a bet. I said she’d back out, and she said we would do it a week before we go to the Bahamas (3 weeks) and if she did back out, she would pay me $100. I think I’ll end up with 100 bucks…either way, I think I do want to get a tattoo myself. I want something small on the back of my neck – I think. I really have to think hard about something that means a lot to me — I don’t want to just get a flower, or a fairy just because. I want it to be meaningful…something that provokes thought…something that reminds me of this time of my life. Definitely something introspective.

Anyway – it’s nearly midnight and I’m dying for a really good night’s sleep.
I hope tonight finds you well and happy….


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