i heart mayer

Tonight was four years in the making. I finally saw John Mayer live and it was everything, and more then I could have ever expected.

James and I went to Nissan at 3 expecting for just me to be let into Soundcheck, but they didn’t have a list, so James got to come in with me…thank god because it was truly amazing. We were about 5 rows back, and got to watch soundcheck for a full hour. We were so close that as I sang along to “come back to bed,” I made eye contact with John — it was slightly akward to be singing along with him while looking straight into his eyes…I stopped singing and kinda looked away…akward…but cool at the same time. There were only about 40 of us there while that was going on…it was SO cool!

After soundcheck we had to leave the pavillion becuase doors didn’t officially open for another hour. James and I walked back to the car and drank a few beers before we headed back inside. We got inside just as Maroon5 came on, so that was great timing. Their show was SO SO SO good. Made me love them even more. Love the lead singer – hot, hot, hot! Plus, their music is rad.

After that, we went potty, walked around and came back RIGHT as the lights went out for Mayer. He opened with Bigger than my Body…played lots of his big songs…”no such thing,” “your body is a wonderland”, “clarity”, and “why georgia.” He also played a crapload of other songs…the boy played for 2 straight hours!!!! I was sad because he didn’t play my 3 favorite songs “comfortable”, “St. Patricks Day,” and “Somethings Missing.” But, it was still amazing. Our seats were great…everything was perfect.

To me, this was more than a concert. This was something that I had looked forward to for more than 4 years. His music has been with me thru some major turning points in my life. He’s been the one thing to calm my nerves on airplanes, he’s been the soundtrack to my relationship and breakup with Nick, he’s been the one thing that got me thru the hard ass times in Austin when I thought I’d never make it. To see it live, to sing the songs that mean so much to you, with the person who wrote them – it’s simply amazing. Somehow there is this person out there, who leads a completely different life then I do, yet he experiences the same things, feels the same emotions, and is able to express it in a way that I can’t…He expresses it in his beautiful lyrics in a truly creative and brilliant way that I can appreciate, love and relate to.

I’m going to be on cloud nine for like a week. I never stopped loving the music or John…but now I want to rediscover it. Especially since it’s about that time of year when “St. Patricks Day” needs to get broken out.

Best concert of my life. No question.



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