Today was good. I didn’t get out of work until after 2 this morning, but i woke up at noon to go to my parents house. When I got there, my mom wanted to go to the bookstore, so we went. I’m so excited because I bought the new book by David Sedaris! I can’t wait to throw myself in bed and read it. :)

We watched the race on the big screen for 5 hours — my heart was racing by the end because I was convinced Elliott would win. He ran in either first or second all day, but ended up finishing third. He did well though.

We rounded up tonight by ordering pizza and watching Six Feet Under & Entourage. I love Sundays on HBO. :)

I’m so glad I’m done with school for the semester. I’ve been checking NovaConnect every 5 minutes to see if my grade has been posted yet — no such luck though. Hopefully I’ll get it this week, and hopefully it’s an “A.”

I think I’m going to e-mail Moo tonight. I was thinking about him as I was driving home from my parents house. I miss him, and we really need to talk and fix things. Hopefully he feels the same way.

We booked our Bahamas trip tonight! We’re offically going from Sept 23-27. So excited!

Ok, off to write some e-mails. Night.


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